Transforming Pickering Town Centre Mall: CentreCourt's Ambitious Vision

Transforming Pickering Town Centre Mall: CentreCourt's Ambitious Vision

CentreCourt, in partnership with Cowie Capital Partners Inc and Salthill Capital, is poised to redefine Pickering with a dynamic 55-acre community known as Pickering City Centre. This transformative endeavor, located at 1355 Kingston Road near the Brock Road interchange on Highway 401 and in proximity to Pickering GO station, will seamlessly integrate residential, retail, and public spaces. As the heart of Pickering evolves, its ties to the Greater Toronto Area will strengthen, solidifying CentreCourt's mission to establish this area as the authentic downtown of Pickering.

Revitalizing Pickering: A Decade-Long Urban Revival

CentreCourt envisions a vibrant urban hub emerging from the current mall site, a decade-long endeavor that will reshape Pickering's landscape. This visionary project introduces extensive residential, retail, and public zones, replacing the existing surface parking. Over ten mixed-use towers, ranging predominantly from 40 to 55 stories, will grace the skyline with over 6,000 residences. As Pickering Town Centre mall undergoes revitalization, a new era dawns for the region.

Block 1: Unveiling the Residential Oasis

In Phase 1, Block 1 will take center stage, featuring four residential towers comprising approximately 2,200 units and an impressive 111,483 m² of mixed residential and commercial space. These towers will also house a ground-level retail area spanning about 1,672m².

Elevated Living: Amenities for Every Lifestyle

Residents of Block 1 will revel in a lavish array of amenities, spanning approximately 4,552m² indoors and 7,246m² outdoors. This enticing offering encompasses a fitness center, rooftop pool, outdoor lounges with grilling stations, co-working and social spaces, a golf simulator lounge, and inviting interior courtyards that seamlessly connect with lush green spaces.

Discover more about this exciting development at and witness the transformation firsthand. Your journey to the future of Pickering begins here.


Exciting Progress in Mississauga's Exchange District Condos!

Exciting progress is unfolding in Mississauga as Exchange District Condos, developed by Camrost-Felcorp, takes center stage in the city's skyline. This remarkable multi-tower development, masterfully designed by Arcadis, is making significant strides towards becoming the tallest building in Mississauga, poised to surpass the current record held by Absolute World's 176-meter south tower.

Exchange District Condos represents the epitome of urban transformation and promises a dynamic lifestyle at the heart of Mississauga. Immerse yourself in the thriving downtown core, where culture, commerce, and connectivity seamlessly converge. With a prime location and contemporary design, Exchange District Condos offers unparalleled living spaces, workspaces, and retail options.

Two towers within this extraordinary development will exceed the impressive 200-meter milestone, making a bold statement in architectural achievement. As construction progresses, the cityscape is already undergoing a transformation, with the 60 and 72-storey towers taking shape before our eyes.

To learn more about the remarkable Exchange District Condos and delve into the exciting world of preconstruction opportunities, we invite you to reach out to Ann and Anthony from the Olivera Group. Their expertise and in-depth knowledge of real estate investing and preconstruction will guide you towards making informed and educated decisions. 

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