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With our extensive expertise in the preconstruction space, we ensure that our clients are equipped with comprehensive information to make well-informed decisions that align with their requirements.

Discovering a pre-construction condo unit is possible through various channels, including brokers, brokerage firms, and condo developer websites. Working with Platinum level brokers and brokerage firms offers the added advantage of exclusive access to projects during the Platinum and VIP Stages, granting you priority before they are made public. These industry experts possess specialized knowledge and experience in the pre-construction sector, ensuring they can assist you in locating the most desirable condo units available.

Purchasing pre-construction condos offers an excellent opportunity to enter Toronto's dynamic real estate market. However, it's crucial to understand that the buying and financing process differs significantly from that of a traditional resale home. 

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Key Information to Consider:

1. Access to Pre-construction Units:

For individual home buyers, acquiring pre-construction condo units can be challenging without the assistance of an experienced broker or brokerage firm. At The Olivera Group, we have established partnerships with Platinum Level brokers who can provide you with access to exclusive pre-construction projects.

2. Ownership Transfer:

During the development phase, pre-construction condo units are reserved for buyers. Once the construction is complete, ownership of the unit is officially transferred to the home buyer.

3. Four Distribution Stages:

Pre-construction condo units are typically released in four distinct stages. As the project progresses through each stage, the level of exclusivity decreases while the prices tend to increase.

4. Payment Structure:

The down payment for pre-construction condos is divided into separate installments, which are spread out over several months throughout the construction process. This payment structure allows for greater flexibility and ease of financial planning.

5. Occupancy Period:

Prior to the official transfer of ownership, home buyers often have the opportunity to either move into the unit or rent it out during the occupancy period. This period allows for early access and utilization of the property while finalizing the necessary paperwork.

Understanding these key points will help you navigate the process of purchasing a pre-construction condo and make informed decisions throughout the journey.

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